Advanced Interconnect Test Tool (AITT)

A Versatile Tool for Interconnect Analysis and PCB Characterization

The Advanced Interconnect Test Tool (AITT) is ideal for signal-integrity and power-integrity applications. The AITT software includes four key functions: analysis, de-embedding, applications, and VNA control. It can be installed on a VNA directly or a PC that controls the VNA remotely.


  • Versatile:
    • Analysis Tool
      • Frequency domain
      • Time domain
      • Eye diagram
    • De-embedding Tool
      • 2X thru
      • 1X reflect
      • Impedance autocorrection
    • Causality/Passivity Tool
    • Applications
      • PCB material extraction tool
      • PCB Delta-L+ tool
    • VNA Control
  • Easy-to-Use: User-friendly interface
  • Fast: Fast C++ runtime, script-mode support

About AITT Software

The initial Advanced Interconnect Test Tool (AITT) was developed by an experienced research team led by two IEEE Fellows, Professors J. Drewniak and J. Fan. Clear Signal Solutions, Inc. (CSS), based in Silicon Valley, has licensed the intellectual properties and further enhanced them for commercial use. This versatile, easy-to-use AITT software has been used by many Fortune 100 companies.
For more information, please contact Clear Signal Solutions or PacketMicro.

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